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Providing Low Cost Bridging Loans - From £10 K to £25 Million


Bridging Finance from just 7.5% per annum. Our easy to use Bridging Loan Calculator allows you to quickly work out the estimated cost on any loan against a given interest rate, fees and loan term.

Step 1:  Enter the total gross loan amount.

Step 2: Enter the anticipated monthly interest rate ( example 0.75 )

Step 3: Enter the Loan Term in months.

Step 4: Enter the anticipated loan set up fee expressed as a percentage of the loan. ( example 2.0)

Step 5: Add the anticipated solicitors fees - e.g. £300

Step 6: Add the anticipated valuation fee - eg £250

Click On ' Calculate Estimate ' Button

Step 7: The total cost of finance over the loan period including interest and charges will be shown.


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