Stay on top of your mortgage with our
personalised, insightful report.

The report is a set of key statistics that could help save money on your mortgage.
It contains three sections and all the information you need about your mortgage.

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Save Time

With The Mortgage Report, you don’t need to spend time organising your paperwork, assessing fees and charges or learning the jargon: we do all that for you.

Save money

We create graphs showing the effect of increasing or decreasing your mortgage repayments. You could pay off your mortgage faster and for less.

Amount Paid

Find out precisely how much you have paid on your mortgage and why. This helps answer basic yet important questions such as ‘Has my mortgage been good value for money?’

Your documents

You’ll never lose your mortgage documents again. We collect everything into one place, order it, scan it and put it into one document you can store on your computer, phone or tablet.

Penalty Charges

Understand penalties you’ve been charged so you can avoid them and save money in the future. You’ll see exactly when and why your lender has charged you a penalty fee.


We’ll uncover how much interest you have been charged, when, and what it was applied to. You’ll have full transparency on interest rates.

Step One

You will need to know the name of your lender and enter your contact details. Dont forget to check your email afterwards and sign the letter of authority.

Step Two

The signed letter of authority allows us to go to your mortgage provider and access the documents we need to create the report. We do this immediately after receiving your authority.

Step Three

There is a one month limit on the time a lender can take to respond, although this can be extended if the lender is experiencing a heavy workload..

Step Four

We scan your documents, sort them into a correct order and analyse your mortgage using our unique software.

Step Five

You will receive your report in the post. You will also receive a digital document to download containing all your mortgage documents.

Step Six

With knowledge comes power. Whether its avoiding fees that have been highlighted by the report, or paying off a little extra each month, the report puts you back in control and able to make your own choices.

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